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Waste Water Machines

In nearly forty years Silo Logic has gained a wealth of experience in Waste Water Treatment Technology, boasting a vast range of machines and equipment for mechanical pre-treatment of screenings and sludge treatment. Various options and solutions are given in the development and supply of Waste Water Treatment Machines and Equipment.

Screw Compactor

Our Compactors consist of a conveyor trough manufactured from stainless steel, a shaftless extra heavy-duty spiral manufactured from carbon steel, a compacting and de-watering discharge module, a return duct for pressed out water, and a drive unit suitable for the application.

Conveying, de-watering and compacting are the three different functions that are made in the machine. Designed for intermittent operation, the Screw Compactor can be employed in various de-watering applications and in combination with different type solids-liquid separators or conveyors. Usually applied for compaction of various solids from different processes (municipal/industrial waste water treatment, food processing, slaughterhouses, rock wool industries, plastics recycling processes, etc.).


Two functions: conveying and compacting
Up to 40% reduction of screenings volume
Particularly maintenance-friendly modular design
No machine locking even with fibrous materials
Fully enclosed, pollution-free, odour-free
Low noise level
Low energy consumption

Screw Screen In A Tank

Installed in a self-supporting tank, our Screw Screens ensure efficient solids-liquid separation of screenings in both civil and industrial waste water treatment plants.

Our Screw Screen consists of a screen basket, a conveyor screw, and a compacting section. It is suitable for applications in which screenings may not or cannot be compacted also if not required as we just take off the compaction zone. Machines are installed in a self-supporting container. They are commonly used in above ground applications, both civil and industrial. Waste water is commonly pumped through the machine. Civil works are not required.

Main Features

Sturdy metal framework (completely enclosed structure in compliance with safety regulations and preventing odours) manufactured entirely from 304L/316L stainless steel
Shaftless conveyor screw manufactured from 304/316 stainless steel or special high-resistance steel
Flow rates of up to 1,000 m3/h (590 cfm)
Solids extraction of up to 0.33 dm3/s (0.7 cfm)
Screens are equipped with a special mesh suitable for the particular characteristics of waste water and solids

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