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Rotary Valves


Drop-Through Rotary Valves with square inlet or with a circular inlet consist of a tubular cast iron or stainless steel casing, a horizontally mounted rotor with a certain number of V-shaped cross section compartments, a drive unit and a casing cover opposite the drive end.


Rotary Valves have been developed for maximum versatility in application. They are suitable for controlled discharging and feeding of powdery or granular materials from silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, bag filter houses, or cyclones.  

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits 

Feed rates from 2.2 to 19.5 litres per revolution (0.08 to 0.7 cu ft per revolution)
Different drives for different rotation speeds
Maximum differential pressure: 0.3 bar (4.4 PSI)
Various materials and treatments available according to product handled
Robust and compact design
Easy access to all internal mechanical components

Options & Accessories 

Available in ATEX zone 22 version
Body in cast iron or 304/316 stainless steel
Chrome-plated, nickel-plated, or TeflonĀ® surface-coated
Scrapers made from different materials to improve sealing properties and diminish abrasion
Compartment choking inserts for sticky materials or feed rate reduction
Greased or gas or air-purged shaft seals
Direct drive with fixed gear motor
Direct drive with variable speed drive
Coaxial drive with chain transmission
Bare shafted without drive unit
Rotor choke for granular materials
Rotation indicator

Other options are blow through rotary valves or open rotor.

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