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Bin Activators

Perfect Mass Flow Discharge For The Food Industry

The Bin Activator is the ultimate machine, specifically designed to meet the requirements of the food industry. With its hygienic finishing design, the EC 1935/2004-certified BAF is suitable for a variety of applications in food processing. It excels in applications with a requirement for minimum residual of material and zero contamination.

Technical Features

Throughput = 5 ~ 320 m3/h (3 ~ 190 cfm)
Range: Ø 400 mm (16 in) ~ 3,000 mm (10 ft)
Outlet Range: Ø 114 mm (4 in) ~ 406 mm (1.3 ft)
Material: 304L / 316L stainless steel
Hygienic Design
High surface finishing grade
70% fewer welds than with traditional bin activators
Seamless heavy-duty activator cone
Wide range of outlet options: PN10, PN16 flanges,
No nuts and bolts inside the bin activator
ATEX-compliant for external zone 22
Suitable for negative pressure (-0.5 bar)
European Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004-certified


Seamless cone
Seamless gasket
Easy to fit
Gasket with integrated upper and lower flange ensuring safe connection
Zero residue, zero contamination
Crack and crevice-free
EC 1935/2004 certified

1 Tonne FIBC Bag Unloader & Fillers

FIBC Dischargers consist of a steel frame complete with a material discharge hopper and an upper mobile cross bar for lifting of the filled up bag by forklift truck.

The FIBC Unloader is a modular system for discharging Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (Big Bags). The four loops of the FIBC are attached to the hooks of the detached cross bar that has previously been laid on top of the FIBC. The cross bar with the attached FIBC is then picked up by a forklift truck and introduced into the frame of the SBB Discharger. Once the FIBC has settled on the rubber seal of the discharge hopper the outlet closing rope of the FIBC can be pulled open through the inspection hatch of the discharge hopper.

FIBC Filling Stations consist of a steel frame and a bag filling unit including an inflatable seal that impedes dust leakage during the filling process. FIBC Filling Stations enable efficient filling of bulk bags. The empty FIBC is attached to the four tensioners in the upper corners of the frame. Then the bag inlet is pulled over the loading spout of the station. The filling procedure starts as soon as the seal around the bag inlet is inflated. Once the FIBC is filled up it will be lifted by a forklift truck and transferred to its further destination once the FIBC has been removed from the steel frame.

Lump Breaker

The Lump Breaker consists of a square cross section casing with upper and lower flange, two horizontal rotating shafts equipped with chopping knives, a grid to hold back lumps, four end bearing assemblies with integrated adjustable shaft sealing unit, an appropriately sized drive unit complete with power transmission.

The DLP Lump Breaker is the ideal device for breaking up material lumps which have formed during material handling or processing but are soft enough to be broken up (friable). The quick rotation of the special chopping knives through a fixed grid carries out the job. The presence of two rotor shafts results in high throughput rates. Throughputs are 25 ~ 50 m3/h (15 ~ 30 cfm) and they are available in carbon steel or 304L stainless steel.

Product before going through lump breaker

Product after going through lump breaker

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